Jumat, 02 Maret 2012

Descriptive Text - Panda

Because of its size and strength, a panda is a potentially frightful and awesome beast. But its clumsy and uncoordinated ways make it an awkward and defensive creature. It fumbles along, pigeon-toed, in an ungraceful, diagonal walk. It is rarely urged from this lumbering pace. Only a young panda, or a panda in desperate flight, will venture to climb a tree. And once it has reached the top, it becomes an even greater task to get down.
Despite its aloof manner and clumsiness, the giant panda has won a reputation as a loving and adorable creature. With its big, furry head, gentle, flat face, and dark-ringed, sad-eyes, the giant panda is irresistible. Its lopsided movements and its timidity have endeared it to countless friends and admirers at zoos around the world.

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